Last updated: August 14 2014
Summit County Beekeepers Association
The purpose of this association shall be to promote beekeeping generally, to broaden knowledge of beekeeping among its members, to foster the best practices as well as techniques in apiary management and to promote general interest and advancement in all areas of bee culture.


Field Day

Who’s Invited?:

All SCBA members AND their family are invited


Saturday - August 16, 2014 from Noon till 4pm

Rain or Shine


Pot Luck Lunch (bring a side dish to share, club will provide pizza and water)

You may bring your own pop in a cooler, sorry no alcoholic beverages.

A short business meeting and introduction of the Summit Co. Bee inspector.

Smoker Competition (bring your smoker and special secret fuel blend) Prizes awarded for the best and worst smoker performance.

Speaker Topic: "Focus on Our Future" will be presented by Emily Mueller, Jake Allread, and Wesley Brent.

Hive Inspection, weather permitting, (bring a veil and a lawn chair) Inspections will be performed by Sarah Smithers, marking queens and collecting drones. Laura Urban, Emily Mueller, Jake Allread, and Wesley Brent.

Drone marking for those that want to learn how to mark queens.

Prize Raffle (we will have a raffle for a book called "ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture")

50:50 Raffle (winner gets 50% of the money)

Bee Races: Buy a thoroughbred drone and maybe win a prize for the first three drones returning to their hive.

Winners announced and event prizes awarded in final remarks.

‘Corn Hole game’ for All Corn holers, Fun for All Ages

All members are welcome to join the clean-up crew before they leave.

What to Bring:

Side Dish, Smoker, Smoker Fuel, Veil, Portable Chairs, Any money for raffles


The Darrell & Peggy Cartwright Family will graciously host our SCBA Field Day

4900 State Rd. Peninsula, OH 44264

Please be gracious guests by respecting our host’s property, which including being responsible for your children’s actions.


Is to the RIGHT side of their driveway and Over Flow parking at Mary Sobczak’s home

Which is the next house on the other side of State Rd. heading North.

Map to the Cartwright’s on the following page.

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